We're pretty excited about this.

Here's the deal. We (the Funk Doc and Old Man J) love good music. We also love to share good music. We are not, however, interested in making money off of other people's work but at the same time we want people to get to know the funky American sounds that we're sending out on the show.

So. We have a solution.

Take a look at the list of shows on this page. These are the shows for which we have complete, high-quality recordings and are willing to distribute essentially for free. If you find a show (or several) you like, here's what you do.

Check out the price list below, send us whatever you feel like, and in return you'll get a Casual Arts CD.

In English it's called the barter system. In German it's called Tauschhandel. Everybody wins. You get a great CD. We get some publicity and some hard-working American musicians get a little more exposure in Germany that doesn't involve piracy.

Available Shows
Price List

Click on the show for a complete playlist in a new window:

Season 1 Show 1 Funk, etc. (eclectic)
Season 1 Show 2 Funk & hiphop
Season 1 Show 3 Soul, etc. (eclectic)
Season 1 Show 5 Folk & bluegrass
Season 1 Show 6 Blues & old music
Season 2 Show 1 Smooth jazz & guitar
Season 2 Show 2 Funky soul
Season 2 Show 3 Mostly hiphop
Season 2 Show 4 Tom Waits I
Season 2 Show 5 Soul music
Season 2 Show 6 Best of the first 2 seasons
Season 3 Show 1 All hiphop
Season 3 Show 5 Yet another hiphop show
Season 3 Show 6 Focus on the funk
Season 4 Show 2 Protest music
Season 4 Show 3 Soul music for lovers
Season 4 Show 5 Tom Waits II
Season 5 Show 1 Funk, Soul & Blaxploitation
Season 5 Show 2 Blues and...well blues.
Season 5 Show 3 Dedicated to the Incredible Jimmy Smith...
Season 5 Show 4 Hip hop-a-rama
Season 5 Show 5 Funky jams
Season 5 Show 6 All ladies
Season 5 Show 7 Hip hop fiesta
Season 6 Show 1 The same hip hop fiesta
Season 6 Show 3 Funk, soul and jazz

We will accept any of the following as payment:

One CD of good music (original or burned) - see our playlists for examples of "good music".

Three or more blank CD's - but not ones that have a colored surface. Those don't work in the studio.

One pack of Drum or American Spirit cigarette tobacco

Any amount of American bourbon, English gin, or German beer

Any work of American literature in English

A veggie burrito made by a Mexican


After you've chosen the CD you want, decide what the payment will be and then send an email to The Casual Arts Webmaster for further instruction. In no time, you'll have a brand new CD of sweet sweet American music and nobody gets hurt!

Email the Webmeister