The Casual Artscast 024

7,000 miles apart

but still going strong.


November 2006


The San Francisco-Weimar axis has been firmly established. The Casual Artscast, after a long hiatus, is back with the Funk Doc and Old Man J "skyping" their way to success.

Recorded in November, Artscast 024 is the first since July. The Old Man and Doc catch up with each other since the latter's move to San Francisco, giving rise to a whole new dimension in their German-American banter.


Why is it that one city can offer more quality musical acts than all of Germany? And why are there more car alarms and other noise pollution in this same city than in all other countries combined?

The meat of the discussion, however, focussed on language and its determination of one's personality. The Funk Doc, having thrown off the shackles of his German "Ich," is a new man in the States, and he owes this rebirth entirely to his native tongue. It is indeed refreshing to be able to express one's humor and wit unrestrained.



The Doc in his new, albeit solitary, podcasting position at his
San Francisco home.



The newest member of the Casual Artscast family:
Fiona McDonald, born October 13, 2006.

Timetable and Playlist:


To all of those who haven't unsubscribed to the Artscast, thank you. We hope this new format--in which each of us records his own end of the conversation to be spliced together--doesn't detract too much from the show's quality. We hope to get a new podcast out soon.

Congratulations to the Old Man and his loving wife Diddy for having their first child (see picture) in October 2006. May she follow in her father's musical and intellectual footsteps.

Oh, and drop the Funk Doc a line if you ever make it out to San Francisco.



The Funk Doc's new digs in The Mission, one block up from
"Bum-Pee Alley." His room's on the left.

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