The Casual Artscast 015

Cold, hungover and under pressure:

10 below in the capital.

January 2006

I love making the podcasts, but for some reason, the Funk Doc and I always seem to do it at the last minute. Normally it's not a big deal since all we really do is record the conversations we'd probably be having anyway.

But this time we found ourselves recordin under less than optimal circumstances.

The night before there was the drinking of whiskey and the staying up until 5.

And we found ourselves with mic's in our hands only after minimal sleep, sluggish wits, and a train home that wasn't going to wait.

So naturally this time we once again waited until the last minute to record Artscast 15. Stupid bastards.

The Funk Doc got things going with a pirate joke, though.

From there we discussed other things and stuff. Like movies. And bad whiskey. And blues.

Check out the TV tower in the distance.

Questions of the week: Can anyone explain to us the origin of the well-known pirate accent featured in so many films? Why do film pirates talk like that? Where the hell are they supposed to be from? Did pirates talk like that in real life? If not, why did the film makers all agree on that accent to represent pirate culture?

If you know (or have other questions I've missed), post it here:


Russian war memorial in Treptow

Timetable and Playlist:

0:00-1:00 - Questions?

1:00-2:30 - Piracy

2:30-4:00 - Pirate dialects

4:00-6:00 - Irish Stereotypes - Excuses

6:00-9:00 - The Middle Mind again - Imagination

9:00-11:00 - Funk & Blues

11:00-14:00 - Quincy Jones & Bill Cosby - Hikky Burr

14:00-16:00 - American Beauty

16:00-18:00 - Fight Club

18:00-20:00 - Stranger than Paradise

20:00-24:00 - Imagination & Film

24:00-29:00 - American Beauty again - Disappointment

29:00-31:00 - Watchoo gon' play now? (Make it funky) - Skip James

31:00-32:00 - Skip James - Bad Whiskey

32:00-35:00 - Skip James - Devil Got my Woman

35:00-37:00 - Dissatisfaction - Pursuit of Happiness

37:00-40:00 - bell hooks

40:00-42:00 - Class

42:00-43:30 - Irish Whiskey

43:30-49:00 - Quincy Jones - Hikky Burr

49:00-51:00 - Buh bye


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