The Casual Artscast 014

Da Funk Doc comes to Weimar with a story or two:

He says, "Merry Christmas, biatch!"


December 2005

Good to hear the Funk Doc's voice more than usual. Brother started off with a great story about a soapy clash of cultures he experienced recently and is now a better man for experiencing.

Made us wonder aloud whether Americans are indeed as prudish as the Europeans I know are so fond of telling me we are.

Whatever...just listen to the yarn and let us know what you think in the

After that the conversation turned to some of the Funk Doc's other recent experiences including a trip from Berlin to Weimar with a bunch of German strangers. Have to give them credit for trying to play some good American tunes. But you see, that's our mission here. Through the Artscast and the live radio show we want to bring the gospel of great American music to the people of Germany.

To that end we played only a few tracks but the high quality makes up for the low quantity. Directly political hip hop doesn't get any better than Dead Prez.

And you can never get enough of the Meters whether at home or abroad.

Now stop reading this and listen to the music, dammit.

That's an orange.

Only the best for the Funk Doc.

Timetable and Playlist:

0:00-1:00 - German welcome

1:00-4:00 - Funk Doc's frisbee fun

4:00-5:00 - WHAT?!?

5:00-10:00 - Being verklemmt - Checking out cuties in Germany

10:00-11:00 - Dead Prez

11:00-14:00 - Dead Prez - Hip Hop

14:00-17:00 - Germans got the blues

17:00-21:00 - Compliation CD's - "Black Music" at Müllers

21:00-23:00 - James Brown and other funk music - Dirty, nasty funk

23:00-26:00 - The Meters - Chicken Strut

26:00-29:00 - The new web forum - Vox Monitor, The SmallWorld Podcast, BicycleMark's Communiques

29:00-31:00 - Foreign people in Germany - Asylum seekers

31:00-36:00 - Hostility to foreigners (Ausländerfeindlichkeit) and racism

36:00-42:00 - Comparing the US and Germany

42:00-46:00 - The Funk Doc's racist carpool

46:00-49:00 - Dead Prez - Fuck the Police

49:00-51:00 - Wrap it up, boys

I don't have many pictures of the time the Funk Doc spent here with me in Weimar, but around the same time I saw this delivery truck in front of a nearby Asian restaurant.

Not only is the brand name pretty odd, but it gives me an opportunity to mention another nearby Asian restaurant called "Thang Long."

In Germany you don't really have Chinese restaurants, by the way. You have Asian restaurants which often serve either food from various cultures (Chinese, Thai, and Vietnamese, for example). Or it's just a generic style of food that Germans expect is what people over there eat.


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