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Good Podcasts

No explanation necessary:

  • Vox Monitor - Podcast review show. This is the podcast I listen to most regularly. Check out their review of The Casual Artscast on episode #53
  • The Small World Podcast - Hosted by Bazooka Joe who conducts tight interviews with an unbelievable variety of guests. Excellent podcast.
  • The Obtuse Angle - With your host Steve DuPont. Absolutely unique delivery from a brilliant guy. Serious imagination and always creative editing.
  • BicycleMark's Communiqués - Another expatriate show with mostly political content... which suits me fine.
  • WeFunk - The best music available on the web: funk, hip hop old and new and it's TWO HOURS LONG!
  • The Word Nerds - I've always loved this kind of stuff: etymology, usage, grammar and a way to say bad words that's socially acceptable.
  • Le Show - Harry Shearer's satire and talk show
  • Indelible Beats - Smooth hip hop from DJ President Ike
  • The Tallycast - Don't bother if you don't know North Florida...but I love it! It's like a virtual trip home
  • Counterspin - A great source for new angles on the news presented by the always-interesting FAIR (Fairness and Accuracy In Reporting)
  • Bluegrass Preservation Society - The longer I live outside of the US, the more I appreciate a wider variety of American music. You gotta love bluegrass.

Borderline Podcasts

Shows that are occasionally listenable:

  • Pop Goes the Culture - Good ideas and premises but the conversations don't do justice to their aspirations. I'll keep listening, though.
  • Dissident Vox - Dump the conspiracy-theory angle and focus on REAL political issues. More people will listen to your show.
  • Simulacrum Podcast - Good idea...interviewing people obviously posing as celebrities - but if you've heard one show you've heard them all, I think.
  • Stupid Church People - These guys used to have something to say. Seems like they're runing out of steam and they have WAY TOO MANY homosexual innuendos.

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