Suddenly one had the opportunity to say everything to everybody, but when you looked at it, nobody seemed to have anything worthwhile to say. It's bad enough when a man has something to say and can't find an audience. It's even worse when an audience is there but can't find anyone with something to say to them.

Man hatte plötzlich die Möglichkeit, allen alles zu sagen, aber man hatte, wenn man es überlegte, nichts zu sagen. Ein Mann, der was zu sagen hat und keine Zuhörer findet, ist schlimm daran. Noch schlimmer sind Zuhörer daran, die keinen finden, der ihnen etwas zu sagen hat.

-- Bertolt Brecht on the emerging medium of radio, ca. 1927



The Casual Artscast is an Internet-based supplement to the live Casual Arts radio show in Weimar Germany - bauhaus fm 106.6.


The Artscast uses a new combination of technologies known as podcasting, which allows us (The Funk Doc and the Old Man) to record our radio shows outside of the studio. Listeners then download the recorded shows automatically (using free software) and can play them back on any computer or portable MP3 player.


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