The Casual Artscast is a recorded supplement to the live music show The Casual Arts on bauhaus fm in Weimar Germany. Unlike the live show, however, the focus of the Artscast (as in many podcasts) is on the spoken content. The Funk Doc and the Old Man record a new Artscast every two weeks or so and discuss mostly cultural and political issues from the perspective of Americans living abroad. To get an idea of some of the previous topics as well as the musical content, visit the shows page.

Naturally, besides the spoken content, the Artscasts will also feature the best of hip hop, funk, jazz, soul, blues and other great music from the States.

Requests (musical or thematic) can be emailed to the address below or otherwise posted in our



There are several reasons:

  • First, podcasting extends our listening audience beyond the small city of Weimar Germany. Through podcasting, we hope to gain more listeners from around the world, especially from the US.
  • Another reason is the convenience and flexibility it offers us as well as the listening audience. We the hosts live in different German cities and can't always record a live show together, but podcasting gives us more options to do a show when and where we want. Likewise, listeners download episodes to their computers or MP3 players and play the shows back when they have time.
  • Finally, the podcast medium is based on Internet technology and therefore offers great opportunities for direct communication between the listeners and the producers of The Casual Artscast. If you have any comments or questions, email us at Artscast@casualarts.net



That's up to you, really. We will try to post a new show every couple of weeks, but if you want to, you can listen to a few Artscasts online right now.

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Below are some of the reactions we've gotten from people who've heard the Casual Artscast. The show was also reviewed by the Vox Monitor (http://www.voxmonitor.com) podcast review podcast in September, 2005. Follow this link to hear their review.

And in November of 2005, the Artscast was reviewed and recommended by

Click the graphic to read the short article (we're very proud...)

Other comments...

"Anyway really enjoying your podcasts - I know you kind of have a self-effacing approach to it being intellectual - but it is interesting to hear two people talking in an intelligent way about stuff. Look forward to hearing the next one."

email from Simon in London


"I listened to a couple of your shows which I thought were really, really good. Well done. The recording was very crisp, the conversation very interesting and the music excellent. I'm looking forward to hearing more."

email from Stuart in Scotland)


"I am really impressed! I downloaded everything and am listening while writing this email.."

email from Joe in California


"...habe mir Euren Podcast gestern angehört und fand ihn sehr gelungen. Ich lebe auch gerade in einem fremden Land, daher finde ich es besonders interessant, wie es als Amerikanern in meiner Heimatstadt geht."

email from Fabio from Germany


"Hi. I enjoyed your little podcast...i'm interested in seeing what you guys produce. i'll stay tuned."

email from Kelly in Israel


"At any rate, your podcast is fascinating. And any group of people that play Bud Powell and Mos Def in the same show - well - they get it..."

email from Dave the musician in The States


"Nice production on your podcast. You do a great job...I gave you a vote on podcastalley.com."

email from podcaster Dave in the US


"Sometimes [The Funk Doc's] dad and I listen to your podcasts while I am cooking dinner - whenever the music stops we rush back to the computer to be regaled with laughter."

email from The Funk Doc's mom


"ooooohhh........ very nice. 
That shits is pures freshness, right on the money dollar bills our lost ex-pat brothers from germania."

email from a podcaster named Eric in California


"When I saw how long the shows were I was dubious but pleasantly surprised how much I enjoyed your shows. The time flew by and I really appreciated your commentary, observations and
insights. And playing some slamming funk never hurts. "

email from B. Joe - podcaster (USA)


"Myself Ive heard about three of your shows... a few people told me to check you out...a german friend of mine who lives in sweden...I listen to you guys and it is almost the same as listening to friends here in amsterdam talking... great conversations man.. "

email from Mark in Amsterdam - expat podcaster






















Email the Casual Artscast with your own feedback: Artscast@casualarts.net


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