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The Casual Arts - VI-03 - Live on January 30, 2006 - Funk, hip hop and soul (naturally) with a little jazz. The very best from the last 3 years of The Casual Arts live show

The Casual Artscast 015 - Dissatisfaction - Feeling a bit rough after a long in night in the German capital, the Funk Doc and Old Man J have a low-key discussion about imagination, whiskey, and dissatisfaction generally.

The Casual Artscast 014 - Diversity - Hanging out in the Old Man's apartment in Weimar Germany, the Funk Doc shares a couple of recent experiences living among former communists. A variety of topics in this show from embarassing nudity to racial intolerance.

The Casual Artscast 013 - Music - The Funk Doc and Old Man J meet at a Berlin cafe to sing the praises of improvisational music of all kinds.

The Casual Artscast 012 - Mass-media - In Berlin again, the Funk Doc and the Old Man discuss the future of podcasting and the Doc's upcoming work at CNN Europe.

The Casual Artscast 011 - Work - The Funk Doc needs a job. He's feeling bad and if he doesn't get work soon, he'll have to go back to the States.

The Casual Artscast 010 - Politics etc. - Indoors at the Funk Doc's pad in Berlin. Why don't we talk about politics when that's all Germans ever talk about? And why do a podcast at all?

The Casual Artscast 009 - Academics - The Funk Doc and Old Man J together again. This time in the small town of Weimar to discuss education, the shortage of funk music, and saying the magic words "I don't know."

The University of Casual Arts - Equality - First in a series of special podcasts of conversations with German students. This time: tolerance and equality.

The University of Casual Arts - Freedom - What do students in Germany think of America. They know what the USA Patriot Act is, do you?

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